Curriculum for 2 through 3½ Year Olds

The following areas will be introduced to our 2 through 3 year olds, while 3½ year olds will expand on these skills through our age-appropriate curriculum.

Creative Expression

Children love to create! To enable them to discover their own creative abilities, they will have numerous opportunities in art and music.

Children will be introduced to the colors of the rainbow. During our art sessions, students will have the opportunity to draw, color, paint, cut, and glue. Our young sculptors will also learn how to shape and mold new creations.

Song and dance is an important aspect of our curriculum. Children will clap, skip, and march to the beat of a variety of rhythmic instruments and the guitar of our music instructor.

Language Development

To strengthen their communicative ability and self-expression, children will participate in a variety of activities that include show and tell, drama, and reading time with books, stories, nursery rhymes, and poems. Students will be introduced to the letters of the alphabet.

Our three an half year olds will expand upon this knowledge by learning to write their name.

Number Theory

Children will learn basic counting and number recognition. Shapes and the relationships of size and position will be taught. Children will learn about the days in the week through an introduction to the calendar.

Our Environment

Our teachers will discuss the daily weather, seasons of the year, and holidays. Children will learn basic safety as it relates to their environment and will participate in a number of science and nature activities to learn about God’s world. Children will gain an understanding of their senses and have opportunities to learn about basic food preparation.

Physical Growth

Large muscle development will be promoted through playground activities, neighborhood walks, hopping, skipping, throwing, and catching. Small muscle coordination will be improved through practice of fine motor skills in finger plays, puzzles, and play-time at our sand and water table.

Social Development

St. James’ Preschool provides an atmosphere in which our students’ natural curiosity is encouraged and where they can experiment free of judgment or fear of failure. Children will learn to share toys and equipment and understand the responsibility of sharing. Values of respect, courtesy, and politeness will be reinforced by understanding everyone’s rights, differences, and possessions.

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